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The ICUU is always trying to increase the number of resources it offers. On this page you will find links to a variety of items.

Global Chalice Lighting readings are circulated electronically each month to help promote awareness of our international connections. Each reading is offered by a different member or emerging member group. Congregations around the world are free to incorporate these Chalice Lightings into their worship.

Sermons include presentations made about the ICUU or international Unitarian and Unitarian Universalism.

ICUU Sunday material includes service elements such as readings and hymn suggestions for those wishing to put together an international Sunday service.

Curriculum refers to the excellent International Garden of Unitarian Universalism, a free downloadable curriculum by Melinda Sayavedra and Marilyn Walker. Each unit explores a different national expression of our faith.

Leadership Papers are a collection of short documents created to help newer groups take the first steps in development.

Educational Links provide further reading on Unitarian and UU history, educational resources etc found all over the worldwide web.

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