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In addition to ICUU sposored events such as the 2009 Council Meeting in Kolozsr (see below), many member groups sponsor travel events and national meetings where international visitors are welcome. The Calendar page shows all events according to date. Member Group Events lists opportunities in greater detail.


ICUU Council Meeting, Kolozsvár, Transylvanian

September 1-5, 2009

To ICUU Member Groups via Council Members and staff,

The ICUU Executive unanimously agreed to accept the invitation from the Transylvanian Unitarian Church to hold the next Council Meeting and associated International Gathering in Kolozsvár, the city of their Headquarters and College. On many western maps, the city is identified as Cluj, Romania.

The Council Meeting will run from Tuesday 1 September, 2009 (arrivals) to Sunday 6 September (departures).  Council Meeting Documents

A full day pilgrimage to Deva, site of the prison where Dávid Ferenc (Francis David) died, is being planned -- this might be just before, just after, or during the Council Meeting (the dates of the CM might be adjusted slightly if the Deva trip is during the meetings).

All Member Groups are entitled to send one voting delegate to the Council; Groups with more than 3000 individual adult members are entitled to a second voting delegate.  There will be a sponsorship fund to assist travel and accommodation for delegates from developing economies.  Additionally, individual Unitarians, Universalists, and Unitarian Universalists may attend the International Gathering at their own expense; these individuals may observe the Council Meeting but not speak or vote at business sessions although they may participate in the other aspects of the programme.

Further details will be added to the Events page as soon as they are available.

We hope that all Member Groups will arrange to be represented at this Council, being held in an exceptionally historic part of our liberal heritage.

John Clifford, Executive Secretary, ICUU

More information on registration, accomodation and travel will be posted as it is available. Please check back. Thanks.


Council Meeting Archives

What is a Council Meeting like? Some of the documents and image links below can give you a sense of our activities and business.

2007 Oberwesel Council Meeting schedule

2007 Oberwesel Images


Entire Group

Attendees at the 2007 Council Meeting in Oberwsesel, Germany

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Some of ICUU's founders gather at Montserrat Council Meeting, 2005





Buhrens in Kolosvar

Rev. John Buhrens and Rev.Gyero David share the Kolozsvár pulpit.

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