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Friends of the ICUU

The Friends of the ICUU is a fundraising program that encourages individuals and local congregations to help the organization meet its core buget needs. The ICUU is funded almost exclusively by per member contributions of the various delegate groups. Developed nation groups are asked to contribute 50 cents (US) per member. Groups in developing nations are asked to contribute 5 cents per member.

But the ICUU needs to raise more funds to support its basic administrative needs. The Friends program is a great help.

Below are links to more complete explanations of how the program works in the US, Canada and the UK/Europe as well as direct links to Friends representatives in each locale who would be happy to receive your application.

Many thanks,

Friends of the ICUU

US Flyer

US Friends Contact

UK/Europe Flyer

UK Contact

Canada Flyer

Canada Contact



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