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About me

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November 2012


Welcome to my website! This site is a work in progress, and far from finished.

On this website you can find information on different areas taken from my business and personal experiences, interests and knowledge I have gained academically and socially. I have uploaded a website I once created for my partner. I am planning to upload a section with books I have enjoyed and would like to pass on. Another part will be filled with digital experiments on pictures I created in the past. I am also searching for a formula through which I can display and share the knowledge and experience I have built up during the time I supported the multiplatform scheduler AutoSys. I will happily consider any constructive ideas you might have and I will politely ignore the other ones.

This website was created in PHP on an Apache webserver backed by a database running MySQL. The images have been Photoshopped or treated with Xara and CorelDRAW. I use stylesheets. The buttons have been created in Flash. It was all good fun. There is no need yet to use the software I like best: AutoSys or Workload Automation as the official name is nowadays.

The intent is that this website once officially launched will be about:

The parts that have been implemented are listed in the menu at the top of this page.
jennekeleonora AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk